Why do people hire an event planner?
People hire a planning professional to handle the BIG idea when it comes to an event. But, it's much more than that. People also hire an event planner because they handle the small details... the type of details that could stop a show. For example, we enjoy ironing out complex arrangements like parking, seating arrangements, timing, special guest appearances, and a lot more.

Do you plan and manage small events?
Yes. We plan and manage events of all sizes. With the increase in size, there can also be an increase in pricing. However, our main concern is to make you happy while staying within your budget.

How much time do you need in advance to plan an event?
The truth is... it depends. There are quite a few factors related to how much advance time is needed. For example, the number of guests, dietary restrictions, destination, timing, permits, availability, and other requirements play a part on how much notice we need. Don't let that discourage you from reaching out. You'd be surprised on the solutions we can come up with on short notice.

Have you ever worked for a Bridezilla or difficult person?
Everyone we've done business with appreciates how detailed event planning is. No matter who you are, we understand that events can be stressful. What we do is remove the stress from clients so you can enjoy the time with your friends, family, and loved-ones.

I am a cost-conscious person. Do you have packages or do you develop custom quotes?
We do our best to come in under budget. It's not fabulous to over-spend and have headaches post-event. We work with you and create a special, "just-for-you" experience.